Hi! Welcome to CBowmanPhoto. Take a look around, you’ll get a taste for my style and diversity. In a nutshell, I primarily focus on people, specifically in a playful, approachable, and somewhat irreverent style, capturing gesture and beauty as I see it. This lends itself to events, portraits, small business business branding and web content; where the focus is about presenting the best of the personality of the subject. Check out what my clients have to say about working with me below.

A bit about me: My name is Cameron. Growing up on the west coast, I took endless pictures of sunsets over the water, and drag cars as a kid. I grew up in Burnaby, on the edge of Burnaby Mountain Park, and have lived in Vancouver most of my adult life.  I picked up my first SLR in grade 12, learned the basics of photography on film, and have been experimenting with photography ever since. I went digital in 2004 while working for a summer camp outside Montreal, where I was dubbed “Candid Cameron” for my playful, in-your-face style. When I returned home to Vancouver, I worked for a number of years doing night club photography. I have had the privilege of working many large scale events, including Crankworx, the Calgary Stampede, multiple Burning Man and regional events, and most recently, Vancouver Pride Week.

Knowing that some people hate being in front of the camera, and that everything can be made better with fun, I work hard to make people comfortable when working with me. I often say “you can’t Photoshop ‘awkward’”. Fear in the eyes does not generally make for a good portrait. Be it in studio, on location, or at an event, I bring an element of playfulness that results in genuine smiles and great photos.

Beyond bringing fun to your portrait or event shoot, I also work hard to understand what your goals are for the photos when we are done. The better I understand your needs, the better I can deliver to meet them. This collaboration can involve location scouting, building out a shoot concept, and endless other possibilities to deliver photos that fit your brand. Behind the scenes, I put hours into logistics and prepping my gear to make sure our shoot goes off without any hangups. Read a few testimonials below to see how my clients feel about the prep work I put into my shoots.

If you’re looking for coverage of your upcoming event, a new portrait, or photos that illustrate your business, contact me here today for a free quote.